Feb 10 • 37M

The Future of Learning

Insights from a Temple of Higher Learning

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We now live in the ‘new normal’ and in UNPRECEDENTED TIMES. I read and think a lot, and speak to knowledgeable people about this ‘new normal’ – to understand how to survive, recover and thrive. I’m an MIT graduate, 5-time entrepreneur, former F50 executive, and venture capitalist. I’ve interviewed 100s of successful people across the Americas, EU, and Asia. Join me as we explore the new normal – straight-talk and fluff-free! PRACTICAL INSIGHTS YOU CAN USE NOW!
Episode details

This podcast is about the future of learning - a conversation with Prof. Sanjay Sharma, Professor and Vice President for Open Learning at MIT. A quote that nicely sums up the discussion comes from Plutarch and goes,

“The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled.” 

You will hear discussions about:

  • Future learning models and the role of colleges and universities

  • Online on-demand learning

  • Most effective methods of learning at any age, based on scientific research

  • What do future learning and Spotify playlists have in common?

  • The most important ingredient for learning at any age

  • The structure of MIT that makes it special

  • Exams-in-a-Ziploc-bag at MIT