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Your family and your IQ Determine Your Profession and Income

Look at your IQ and the profession of your parents - they shape your professional life and income

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As a parent, wouldn’t you like to better understand how you can make your children more intelligent (IQ) and raise them to become better than you and have a higher standard of living? How can you raise your own standard of living? You will get several insights and answers from this illuminating conversation I had with Prof. Hans Hvide, Professor of Finance and Economics at the University of Bergen in Norway who had access to generations of IQ and professional data on tens of thousands of Norwegians.

There is a correlation between your education, the length of your education and your IQ.

Business knowledge has been passed on from the older to the younger generation who remained in the same trade for centuries. The blacksmith’s son became a blacksmith and a farmer’s son became a farmer. Educational and job opportunities over the last few decades have upended that longstanding passing of the professional baton, or has it? Listen to a conversation with Prof. Hvide who along with a colleague from Stanford University has conducted a groundbreaking study that examined many key questions. While the study data was entirely about fathers and sons – the only data available to them – the findings apply to parents and their children, whether male or female:

  1. How does the father’s profession affect the son’s choice of a profession?

  2. How does the IQ of the son determine his choice of profession?

  3. What do lower IQ children do professionally compared with higher IQ children?

  4. How could a decision to pursue academic studies beyond high school affect the IQ and the career choice of people?

  5. How does the multi-generational knowledge transfer affect the success rate of businesses started or run by the younger generation?

  1. What do people with high IQ do with regard to high-tech entrepreneurship?

  2. What is ROI – Return on Intelligence?

  3. What can parents do when raising their children to help them increase their IQ, enter higher-paying professions, and achieve greater success in business?

  4. What does curiosity have to do with your IQ and earning potential?

Hear Hans in conversation with Ram Iyer about how business knowledge is passed on from generation to generation and how successful entrepreneurs tend to follow in their dad's footsteps when it comes to setting up their business.

P.S. I realized a rather obvious thing. Most of us read articles like this but never act on it. You can only learn and get better results from the insights when you L.P.T. – listen, practice and tell/teach others, whether they are colleagues, friends or family. I hope you L.P.T., whatever you glean from this.

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