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How to Become an Expert - A Conversation with Dr. Anders Ericsson, Author of PEAK - Part 1 of 2

A conversation with the World's Expert on How to Become an Expert and the author of PEAK

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We now live in the ‘new normal’ and in UNPRECEDENTED TIMES. I read and think a lot, and speak to knowledgeable people about this ‘new normal’ – to understand how to survive, recover and thrive. I’m an MIT graduate, 5-time entrepreneur, former F50 executive, and venture capitalist. I’ve interviewed 100s of successful people across the Americas, EU, and Asia. Join me as we explore the new normal – straight-talk and fluff-free! PRACTICAL INSIGHTS YOU CAN USE NOW!
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Most of us recognize the value of becoming an expert at something that makes us more valuable in society. But, most of us do not know how to go about it. Dr. Ericsson is perhaps the world’s expert on how to become an expert. He has conducted extensive research with academic rigor for over 30 years and, listen to this, he has found that the brain can be rewired to extend its capabilities at ANY age. So, you too can learn new things and you too can become an expert.

This is Part 1 of two. We discuss:

  1. How you too can develop the business savvy

  2. The difference between intelligence and smartness

  3. The difference between abilities and capabilities

  4. What is the value of learning to learn

  5. How can you become an expert just as many consultants claim you can?

  6. What is the right kind of practice required to become an expert?

  7. How should you choose the right business advisor or coach?

  8. How can you get out of your comfort zone?

P.S. I realized a rather obvious thing. Most of us read articles like this but never act on it. You can only learn and get better results from the insights when you L.P.T. – listen, practice deliberately and tell/teach others, whether they are colleagues, friends or family. Implement the principles of developing expertise from Dr. Anders Ericsson. I hope you L.P.T., whatever you glean from this.

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